In 2024, the AMVCC returns with its Medieval and Fantastic show "ORDALIES" !ORDALIES

A young child strolls through the ruins of the Château de Coucy. “Why has this majestic edifice come down to us in this state?” “How did we get here?” His encounter with two fantastic creatures will change his life forever.

You’ll be transported to a supernatural universe where good and evil clash in legal and magical jousts: the Ordalies.

Nothing is good or bad in itself, everything depends on what you think of it.

William Shakespeare

It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This timeless tribunal will attempt to answer the child’s questions by summoning plaintiffs, defendants and witnesses from the history of Coucy to an extraordinary hearing. The lawyer and the prosecutor will be the ardent defenders and accusers of those who take the stand in turn.

From the establishment of a commune to the dynamiting of a titanic keep, you can follow the events that shaped Coucy and understand the joys and disappointments of its inhabitants over more than eight centuries.

The satanic enemy of true history: the mania for judgement.

Marc Bloch 

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Photos of the 2023 show: "Ordalies".