Coucy-le-Château, third sites most visited of France before being devastated by the German troops. Whereas they applied their scorched earth policy, the Coucy Castle erected as French Genie Symbol suffered from devastating consequences : 28 tons of cheddite were disposed in the Castle Donjon and 10 tons in Castle towers.

After 55 years, team of passionate people invest the site : AMVCC is born.

First, it was about devegetation worksite, this field develop itself with news trainings for volunteers who want to learn more about craftsman technique and who desire to promote an historic site.



With REMPART union, AMVCC engaged itself to organize many activities around restoration. Thanks to this, lot of projects have been carried: the restoration of the Lhermitte tower and of Soissons gate.

AMVCC impose itself as pioneer in the promotion and the discovery of the small town, with news projects still innovating. As 2015, the Laon gate become the subject of ours restorations… and lasted for 10 years!

200 volunteers come from France and from all over the world, and get involved for our challenging projects, so why not you?