The association was born from the desire to keep the borough’s majestic history and heritage, to unveil and communicate them. And since 1972, the passionate volunteers have been working to restore and to highlight Coucy Castle and its illustrious thirteenth century fortress. Through the major works such as the refurbishment of the door of Soissons or the reflection of the beautiful Tower Lhermitte.

The AMVCC tends to reveal the soul of Coucy, to let old stones speak, to rebuild its history which today still gives a medieval charm to the town. Coucy lives by the rhythm of recovery actions by the AMVCC throughout the years.

With enthusiasm, the 300 volunteers organize many cultural and recreational events: The Feudal Coucy, one of the largest fairs in the north of Paris, the show “Coucy to the Marvel” renewed every three years, and played exclusively by volunteers, the exhibition and the annual cycle of conferences organized by the GREC branch, not to mention a few two-weekinternships
and volunteer projects.

The AMVCC, these are human values, sharing and transfer of skills and knowledge. All members of the AMVCC unite in a common goal to promote and enforce the beautiful medieval town of Coucy. It is in this spirit that the AMVCC is needed today as a heritage mediator promoting the encounter between the general public and history.